Product Type : Led Head Light
Model : Novsight-A500-N52-9005
Warranty : 12 Months Warranty
Availability : Available
Price : ৳2,500.00 per piece

• 1.Canbus Error Free.

• Upgraded circuit design with 50W power that close to halogen ensure no flicker or error warning for most cars (some models still need a decoder to solve the problem of band decoding).

• 2.Using the latest NOVSIGHT chip technology, each NOVSIGHT N52 headlight emits 10,000Lumen @ 6500K of extremely bright white light.

• 3.Super high power, Super high brightness.80MIL car-level customized, large chip lamp beads(with Automotive Grade Chips).


• The NOVSIGHT N52 series LED lights provide accurate projection and reduce glare for safe driving..

• 5.Ultra-high cycle cooling technology.

• 6.1MM three-layer copper plate gold plating process. Ultra-thin thickness, ultra-small light-emitting surface spacing.

• .Super concentrated light to ensure no dark areas on the light-emitting surface.

• 7.Extremely fast cooling system.

• NOVSIGHT matrix cooling architecture technology,12000RPM speed, super fan air volume, extremely fast heat dissipation.

• 8.External drive box design a new generation of intelligent decoding chip.

• 9.Intelligent AI temperature control system, overheating fault automatic adjustment safety current, intelligent protection for your escort..

• 10.Plug and play, product mini size..

• 11.Some socket type adjustable to achieve the best light shape;.

• LED Chips: Automotive Grade LED Chips.

• Wattage: 100W/Pair(50W/Bulb).

• Lumen: 20000LM/Pair(10000LM/Bulb).

• Color Temperature: 6500K White.

• Voltage(V): DC 9V-32V.

• Current(A): 4A±0.3A.

• Working temperature: -40℃~+90℃.

• Material: Red Copper + Aluminium Alloy.

• Cooling: Built-in Fan.

• IP68 Rated Waterproof And Dustproof.

• Super Long Service Life: ≥100,000 Hours.

• Certificates: CE, RoHs.

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